Jarrah (n.)
A type of euclyptus tree, common in its native south-western Australia, from which a dense and hard wood of the same name is derived.

(Adj., archaic English) To have an abundance of trees. Also, from the Polish boski meaning Godlike

The timeless beauty and elegance of wood is reflected no better than in the unique creations from Jarabosky Railway Sleeper Furniture. Recycled in a conscious effort to help preserve our environment. Each a living masterpiece radiating an aura of sensuous warmth and richness: no two pieces can ever be identical.

More than a century ago, the railways ploughed across the vast continent’s swallowing up unlimited amounts of precious hardwoods which had been growing and maturing since ancient times. Laid as railway sleepers, these immensely dense timbers were subjected to the full rigours of a sub-tropical climate.

Nature herself stamping each sleeper with its own individual character.These scarce hardwoods are likely to be unavailable in the future and will undoubtedly become collectors’ items, which is why every item of furniture bears the famous Jarabosky brand, ensuring authenticity.

Each item of furniture is pain-stakingly assembled by hand incorporating the natural imperfections which in turn become cherished possessions and heir-looms for tomorrow. The natural subtle variants of colour ranging from golden yellow through chestnut , deep maroons and near black are only enhanced by the heat and waterproof satin finish which is applied in the final stages of production.

Jarabosky produce durable and timeless furniture of a contemporary design but with a traditional feel thus having the ability to blend into any environment be it antique or modern. The level of surface character can be stipulated from fine through to heavy.

The stock range on this website can be produced larger or smaller and the client’s own design can be created providing it is compatible with the Jarabosky style.